Swim Camp is the musical project of Philadelphia-based musician, Tom Morris. The project grew out of his desire to learn the guitar. Having grown up playing the drums in a primarily jazz-oriented context, Tom sought to have more melodic control in his music making. He started playing guitar while living in the Czech Republic in 2015 and realized that the only way for him to get better was to start writing music.

Upon returning to the US, Tom began releasing music under various names, collaborating on 7 album releases to Bandcamp in under a year. Swim Camp started as the natural progression from those beginnings and has evolved to include a live show lineup featuring Taylor Cullen (formerly of Howlish), Mark Watter (also formerly of Howlish), and Brian Sanderson.

Their music ranges from quiet and emotionally resonant to uptempo pop and weaves together the foundations of bedroom music with the improvisational nature of jazz. You can hear the most recent iteration of this sound on Barlow Hill, which was released earlier this year on Z Tapes.

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